3M Health Care

Important information regarding 3M Health Care Business separation

We know that you count on 3M Health Care for critical healthcare offerings. We are committed to our Health Care customers and to enabling better, smarter and safer healthcare for all.

Thank you for your support as we spin off the Health Care Business from 3M to become a dedicated global diversified health care technology leader.

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Explore the main areas where you will see changes.

Our customers continue to be our highest priority and we are committed to providing strong service and support as we proceed through this transition. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account or customer service representative.

We are excited to create an independent world-class health care company with a  sharpened focus that puts customers first, has more flexibility to invest in the business to build industry-leading innovative solutions, and attracts world-class talent.

Your 3M representatives will communicate with you well in advance of anticipated changes that may be required as we launch the new Health Care company.

  • When will the spin-off occur?
    We have worked diligently to reduce impact to you. You may receive several notifications as we advance through this process.

    As announced in 2022, 3M intends to spin off its 3M Health Care business (the “Health Care Business”), resulting in two world-class independent companies: 3M will remain a leading global material science innovator, serving global customers across a range of diverse and attractive end markets; and 3M’s Health Care Business will become a dedicated global diversified health care technology leader.

    As a reminder, 3M is taking steps to internally separate ("Internal Separation”) the Health Care Business. This will be followed by a formal spin-off (the “Spin”) of the Health Care Business into a new publicly listed company*.

    *This timeline is indicative, as consultations can, in some countries, go longer than indicated and are subject to customary conditions, including final approval from the 3M Board of Directors, regulatory approvals and rulings, among other items.
    • The Health Care business will maintain its current portfolio across medical solutions, oral care solutions, health information systems, and separation & purification sciences.
    • 3M products such as the 3M N95 Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask, 3M Futuro™ branded products, Ace™ branded products and Nexcare™ branded products will remain with 3M.
    • Abrasives
    • Adhesives, Sealants & Fillers
    • Advanced Materials
    • Air Filters & Purifiers
    • Automotive Parts & Hardware
    • Building Materials
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Coatings
    • Compounds & Polishes
    • Electrical
    • Electronics Materials & Components
    • Films & Sheeting
    • Home
    • Insulation
    • Lab Supplies & Testing
    • Labels
    • Lubricants
    • Office Supplies
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Signage & Marking
    • Tapes
    • Tools & Equipment
    Healthcare Business
    • Biopharmaceutical Purification
    • Health Information Systems
    • Medical Solutions
    • Medical Device Components
    • Oral Care
    • Process Filtration & Separation
    • Water Filtration
  • Please contact your Customer Service or Account Representative.
    • We are planning extensively in preparation for the spin-off, including taking the step to internally separate the Health Care business during Q4 2023 to ensure our readiness.
    • After the spin-off, 3M Company will offer the new Health Care company transition support to help enable a smooth transition and help ensure continued high service levels to Health Care customers.
    • As always, servicing customers will remain a top priority.
      • Legal Entity Changes: The legal entities with which you transact may change or carry a new name. This may trigger company identification and system coding changes in your records for the 3M Health Care products, services and/or technologies you currently purchase. Refer to the appendix for changes by legal entity.
      • Banking and Remittance: Banking location and remittance information for payment may change. In certain situations, different banking accounts will be required for different product sets. Refer to the appendix for changes by legal entity. Our invoices will always indicate the bank account details which you should reference for payment.
      • Remit-to and other Contact Email Addresses: The planned spin-off is expected to require changes to remit-to emails. Please refer to the appendix for those changes. Any changes to the contact information of 3M Health Care employees, and group email boxes for Customer Service and Customer Issue Resolution services will be communicated separately.
      • Contact phone numbers: Certain phone numbers may change. Impacted customers will receive separate communications regarding any changed phone numbers.
      • Tax Exempt Status (USA Customers Only): Please confirm your tax-exempt status prior to October 1, 2023. Failure to respond could result in your orders being placed on hold. Email 3MHealthCareTaxExemptionDoc(a)mmm.com either with your sales tax exemption documentation to or an indication of your non-exempt status. In either case, please include your customer name, account number, and contact information for the individual responsible for providing your tax status.
      • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Certificates: Moving forward, certificates confirming country of origin or preferential duty status will be issued by the 3M Health Care Business upon request. All other processes will remain the same.
      • Quality and product certifications: All quality system certifications (ISO-9001 and ISO-13485) will be maintained through the transition. Updated certificates can be requested through your account manager.
      • Contract Ownership:
        • The Internal Separation may involve the transfer or assignment of certain assets of 3M and its subsidiaries effective on the Internal Separation Date, including commercial contracts. If contract assignment is required, commercial contracts between 3M and/or its subsidiaries and you, a customer of the Health Care Business, together with any amendments, addendums, schedules, exhibits, expired contracts that include any remaining obligations, and all related documents, will be assigned to the Health Care Business as of the Internal Separation Date, unless (a) we have contacted you (or later contact you) to the contrary, in which case the terms of that notification shall apply; or (b) assignment cannot be completed as of the Internal Separation Date for operational or related issues , in which case the contract will transfer when the issue is resolved. 3M and/or its subsidiaries will work with you to avoid any disruption to customer ordering.
        • Non-Health Care products previously available under a contract assigned to the Health Care Business will not be available from the Health Care Business after the Internal Separation Date. If amendments to a contract are needed in view of the Spin, such as removing 3M products from a product listing, or updating Health Care Business contact information, those amendments will be made if and when the contract is next renewed.
        • Certain contracts that require a customer’s consent to assign the contract will be the subject of a separate communication.
      • Ordering Instructions: In an attempt to simplify, expedite and streamline your orders, we will be implementing certain one-time order process changes during this transition. Orders placed with 3M that have not been shipped by the Internal Separation Date will need to be re-entered as new orders under the Health Care Business. We are committed to working with you to ensure any orders for Made-To-Order items are re-entered to preserve your existing pricing and sequencing. Additional details on the re-entry process are forthcoming.
      • Shipping Blackout Information: As we approach the Internal Separation Date, we are making every effort to minimize disruption to order fulfillment. We are planning to handle our cutover process similar to a holiday weekend and are committed to making sure your needs are addressed as seamlessly as possible. Additional details on the shipping blackout are forthcoming.
      • The name of the new Health Care company will be announced at a later date.
      • Ultimately the name will reflect and deliver on our Health Care value proposition of enabling better, smarter, and safer healthcare for all.
      • Your current Health Care Business sales representative contact
      • Product names, catalog numbers, and stock numbers
      • Branding on product packaging
      • Quality management systems
      • Process for change control and notifications
      • Manufacturing processes
      • Equipment used in the manufacturing of our products
      • Issue resolution processes