1. Innovating the humble medical tape roll.
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    Innovating the humble medical tape roll.


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    Innovating the humble medical tape roll.

    3M™ Single Patient Tape Rolls are helping nurses treat patients, one roll at a time.

    • Innovating the humble medical tape roll.

      Nurses are busy. They're constantly moving from patient to patient and room to room. This constant hustle requires tools that are safe, effective and easy to use. That's why 3M partners with nurses and other care providers to help deliver innovative solutions to empower them to do their jobs effectively.

      When thinking health care innovation, most people think of large medical equipment and full-scale solutions. But our health care innovation extends to products as humble—and vital—as medical tape. Medical tape is one of the most versatile tools in a nurse's tool bag. But it's also one of the most wasted. In fact, our field research found that hospitals discarded 70-90% of a roll. That's a lot of needless waste—and expense—for hospitals. We knew we could innovate.

      In response, 3M designed Single Patient Use Rolls of our most popular tapes for hospitals. The length of the roll has been decreased from 10 yards to 1.5-2 yards—reducing the problem of discarding unused tape and addressing health safety concerns in hospitals.

      Now nurses can have the all the benefits of their favorite 3M tapes, while reducing waste. It's all part of our commitment to provide practical solutions to health care professionals can count on to do their job safely and effectively.