1. Giving little patients something to smile about.
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    Giving little patients something to smile about.


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    Giving little patients something to smile about.

    We’re creating ways to protect young teeth and give little patients the royal treatment.

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      It isn’t unusual for children to be afraid of the dentist chair. But preventive care is too important to avoid. So how do you make the experience kid-friendly? At 3M, we believe that working quickly to reduce chair time and rewarding children will help make the dentist office a place they smile about.

      That's why we've designed simple and easy-to-use solutions for pediatric dentists, allowing you to move through procedures and check-ups quickly. And we know this makes little patients and their parents very happy. Our diverse range of products will keep their cute-as-a-button smile shining long after they leave.

      We want your patients to be “happily ever after” stories. Our “King of the Day” and “Queen of the Day” certificates shows that your office is a fun place, and kids will realize there is nothing to fear. Rewarding them for good behavior reinforces the importance of taking care of their teeth. And by keeping them excited about the dentist, they will be eager to come back again and again.