1. Sports Injuries 101: How to protect and prevent
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    Sports Injuries 101: How to protect and prevent


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    Sports Injuries 101: How to protect and prevent

    Just in time for fall sports season, get smart on the injury information every student athlete needs to know.

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    • Sports Injuries 101

      Stay smart about sports injuries this season. Games and matches are just gearing up, and with them come all those minor slips, trips, sprains, and pulls that may keep you from performing at your best. We know you may look to our ACE™ Brand products to help heal, but the right information can go an even longer way when it comes to prevention and recovery. Here at 3M, we’re happy to provide team trainers and athletes the online resources they need to face the Fall with confidence.

      Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

    • Acute vs. Chronic

      Knowing the difference between an acute and chronic injury can help you better manage your recovery. Acute injuries have specific, identifiable cause, like a slip on the ice, or a fall on the hardwood floor. Pain from an acute injury is usually short-lived, but it may cause redness, swelling and inflammation. While acute injuries that haven’t been properly cared for can lead to chronic injuries, chronic pain doesn’t always have an identifiable cause, and tends to last longer.

    • Hot vs. Cold

      What works best, hot or cold therapy? If you’re confused, you’re not alone. Chronic injuries like back soreness, and injuries without swelling are a perfect fit for heat therapy. Cold therapy, on the other hand, can be just the right thing for an acute injury. Out of ice? That’s when the pack of peas from the freezer can really come in handy.

    • Wrapping Right

      From ankles to elbows, the perfect wrap is essential to top performance and injury prevention. To guide you as you get prepped this season, check out our how-to videos and get moving the right way.