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Window floor wrap office hallway
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A picture is worth a thousand surfaces.

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Windows, walls and floors have untapped potential for aesthetic and functional transformations. From murals, to wayfinding signage to seasonal promotions—the opportunities are endless. Knowing how to properly execute designs on these surfaces with the appropriate tools and training can help your business and your reputation.

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Grow what you know about window, wall and floor graphics with these articles.

  • A guide to transforming surfaces

    Read this step-by-step guide to learn about the best practices for applying window, wall and floor films.

  • The right tools for the right look

    Use this toolkit to understand what tools to use for flawless window, wall and floor transformations.

  • Trends that transform: matte finishes

    Matte finishes are increasing in popularity. Read our article to see how to use them in your designs.

  • Walls that excite the kid in you

    Get inspired by the fun-loving office space Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County created using 3M graphic vinyl film.

  • Riding high with edgy graphics

    See how a cycling studio used vinyl graphics to create a brand experience that helps them stand apart.

  • Q and A with a 3M floor graphics expert

    How do you make your floor graphics look great and last long? One of our experts is here with the answers.

  • Graphics can boost well-being at work

    Learn how 3M window films and printed wall wraps can help improve health and mood in work environments.

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Three Must-Have Skills for Achieving Transformational Wraps

  • 1. Hard Skills

    Hands on training is an important investment for learning and understanding the countless variables that can be involved in any given wrap project.

  • Gain graphic install skills randing from heat application, foam rolling to panel alignment
  • 2. Soft Skills

    Communication is almost as important as high-quality printing or a successful installation. For instance, a designer may have a great idea for a graphic, but if it isn't possible to execute on a printer, the project will be doomed from the start.
  • from start to finish, be open to input from everyone on the team.
  • 3. Digital Skills

    Graphics manufacturers must often manage multiple complex workflows at the same time. Software tools can help you win the job and manage teams to ensure on-time delivery to the customer.

  • manage multiple workflows with the 3M™ graphics install wizard

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Request a sample to see how easy it is to transform windows, walls and floors.

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Four reasons why you should be wrapping cars AND windows AND walls AND floors.

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    1. New income streams
    Diversifying into window, wall and floor graphic films provides new revenue generation opportunities without straying too far from products and techniques you already know.

    2. Reduced risk factors
    Increasing your graphic film offerings helps you avoid the potential financial risks of “putting all of your eggs in one basket.” Diversification can decrease dependence on a few large customers or markets and allows you to create a wider customer base.

    3. Penetrate new markets
    Diversification allows you to grow the work you do with existing customers and attract new customers who are interested in your expanded product line and capabilities.

    4. Low cost of entry
    You may already have a multi-purpose film that can be used for windows, walls and floors. If not, it's easy to carry and usually no new equipment is required.

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  • Mountain climber on staircase wall wrap

    3M™ Scotchlite™ Print Wrap Film 780mC

    Create a whole new wall game with this wrappable reflective film. Great for textured walls, it offers slideability and air release for easy installation and removability.

  • Green yellow window graphics interior office

    3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ180mC

    This printable film installs on windows fast, so you can win faster. Its Comply™ Adhesive with micro technology creates a reliably smooth appearance that makes both you and the windows look good.

  • Grass window floor graphics sidewalk exterior

    3M™ Controltac™ Print Film 40C

    The world’s at your feet with this versatile vinyl film. It’s your go-to for indoor floor graphics, featuring advanced repositionability and Comply™ adhesive for easier, bubble-free application.

  • White van parked by building with window and vehicle graphics

    3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ175Cv3

    Transform vehicles into rolling billboards with this long-term inkjet printable film. This versatile film is slideable, repositionable, has low initial tack and offers Comply™ v3 air release technology.

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More work, more flow.

3M™ Graphics Install Wizard

  • The Graphics Install Wizard is a digital tool that simplifies installation workflow by helping shop owners find installers, organize jobs from start to finish, and share job details. It can also aid installers by increasing visibility and helping them receive more installation work by bidding on new projects.
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Graphics wizard case study video
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Transform your business with 3M™ Graphics Install Wizard

See how one business streamlined their workflow with this helpful software app.

Ready to start creating transformative spaces? Request a sample.

See for yourself how well our graphic films perform.

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