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Wall and floor wrap office setting

Four reasons why you should be wrapping cars AND windows AND walls AND floors.

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With more and more people getting into vehicle wraps, many graphic manufacturers are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. Diversifying into window, wall and floor graphic films can provide your business with four key benefits to help it surge ahead of the rest.

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Four benefits of diversification.

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  • number 1

    New income streams.

    Diversifying into window, wall and floor graphic films provides new revenue generation opportunities without straying too far from products and techniques you already know.
  • number 2

    Reduced risk factors.

    Increasing your graphic film offerings helps you avoid the potential financial risks of “putting all of your eggs in one basket.” Diversification can decrease dependence on a few large customers or markets and allows you to create a wider customer base.
  • number 3

    Penetrate new markets.

    Diversification allows you to grow the work you do with existing customers and attract new customers who are interested in your expanded product line and capabilities.
  • number 4

    Low cost of entry.

    You may already have a multi-purpose film that can be used for windows, walls and floors. If not, it's easy to carry and usually no new equipment is required.
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Grow what you know about window, wall and floor graphics with these articles.

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  • Big Brothers Big Sisters office graphics

    How Big Brothers Big Sisters created a bold, beautiful space.

    The CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County was looking for a way to make the organization’s new office space a vibrant and exciting place that children loved. She partnered with a representative from a local Sir Speedy who showed her the possibilities of a mixed media approach. He suggested 3M™ graphic vinyl film, overlaminate and acrylic features. See the dynamic results; read the full article on the Hub.

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  • CycMode interior retail wall graphic

    How one graphic manufacturer’s collaborative approach wins customer loyalty.

    When the owner of a hip Chicago cycling studio approached display graphics firm, Cushing & Company, she had a bold vision, but needed help executing it. The employees at Cushing were up to the challenge, as they regularly discuss how to best collaborate with clients, understand project elements and achieve project goals. Learn more about how Cushing prepares for graphic projects and the stunning results; read the full article on the Hub.

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  • Floor graphic National Geographic Visitor Center

    Creating even more wonder at the Grand Canyon.

    The National Geographic® Visitor Center has a history of housing a number of dramatic and artistic installations in its courtyard. When the manager of the visitor center decided the next installation should be a re-creation of the Arizona Trail, she contacted Phil Keesee of Arizona Signs in Flagstaff, Arizona. The installation would be approximately 40’ by 42’ and also would have a series of footsteps leading along the sidewalk to the trail entrance. Keesee knew that he needed a durable material, since floor installations endure significant wear and tear. He chose 3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film 3662 and 3M™ Scotchcal™ Matte Overlaminate 3647 for slip-resistance. For Keesee’s team, this was the largest floor film project they’d ever done. The installation went well, and the graphics have withstood the harsh Arizona climate for two years. Visitors loved the feature and it even helped them learn more about the area.

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  • Sand beach stacked rocks environment graphics

    Changing the work environment can affect employees’ health & well-being.

    Employees who work in offices with natural elements report a higher level of well-being. So, designers are tapping into this yearning for the outdoors by designing indoor spaces that simulate nature. Learn how 3M™ products, such as window films and printed wall wraps, can help companies maximize natural light and incorporate nature’s themes, colors and images. Read the full article on the Hub.

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  • Mountain climber on staircase wall wrap

    It’s a whole new wall game.

    Create art; create atmosphere; create crowds—with statement-making wall wraps. The only limit to what these graphic films can do is your imagination.

  • Green yellow window graphics interior office

    Window films for the win.

    Graphic films can transform windows from objects you look through to art you look at. Use this space wisely and it will reflect well on you and your customers’ brands.

  • Grass window floor graphics sidewalk exterior

    Put the world at their feet with floor graphics.

    Stop customers in their tracks with unforgettable floor graphics. These space-saving films are easy to install and remove, making them a great choice for temporary messaging.

  • White van parked by building with window and vehicle graphics

    From vehicles to rolling billboards.

    If your customers’ businesses have vehicles, that’s prime real estate they could be utilizing to promote brands wherever they roam. Get inspired by the possibilities.

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Get started.

Expanding into windows, walls and floors is an exciting step for you and your business. We encourage you to join the 3M Graphics Hub which will give you unlimited access to case studies, industry insight, design ideas, tools and film education. We can also help provide you with personalized advanced training to put you on the path to success.
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