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Sunlight shines into a business with window, wall and floor graphic films.

Promote your business there, there and there too.

Every inch of real estate you control is an opportunity to promote your brand. Find inspiring ideas in this video where we use 3M films to transform traditional surfaces into bold retail experiences.

Do you want to grow business with existing customers and find exciting executions to attract new customers? Windows, walls and floors have untapped potential for aesthetic and functional transformations. From murals, to wayfinding signage, to short-term messaging—the opportunities to promote your brand and your customers’ brands are endless.

Featured Products

Take your business to the next level with print wrap films that are packed with advanced features.

  • Increase business with reflective branding that gets noticed night and day. This reflective vinyl film is great for textured surfaces, vehicles and signage. It offers slideability and air release for easy installation and removability.

    Learn more about reflective film

  • This printable film installs fast, so you can promote your business faster. Its Comply™ Adhesive with micro technology creates a reliably smooth appearance that makes both you and your graphic wraps look great.

  • Make your brand more visible with this versatile film. Whether you choose windows film, wall graphics, floor wraps, outdoor signs or partial vehicle graphics, this film has got you covered. It also features 3M™ Controltac™ Technology, so it has excellent slideability, tack and snap up.

  • Bring brands to life without using PVCs or phthalates. This wrap film offers a greener solution, while still packing a high-performance punch. It’s slideable, highly conformable and features Comply™ Adhesive with micro technology for a smoother finish.


Get fresh ideas and insights on how to promote and grow your business with windows, walls and floor graphics.

Articles to help you promote and grow your business.

Read about businesses using graphic films to promote brands and define spaces, and learn how the experts approach jobs.

  • The growth of digital displays is outpacing the growth of traditional printed graphics. Read how graphics manufacturers are being affected and how they’re responding.

  • Read a food truck broker’s valuable branding tips gathered from years of studying food truck wraps.

  • Learn how 3M’s senior experience manager showcased the 3M brand in creative ways at the 3M PGA TOUR stop.

  • Graphics manufacturer Palmer Signs recently rebranded to Palmer Plus, with much success. Read the owner’s top five branding tips for graphics manufacturers looking to grow their business.

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