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3M Endorsed Installer for Knifeless Tape Training Dates

Add a valuable endorsement to your skill portfolio.

2019 Training & Testing Dates:

February 5-7
June 25-27
August 27-29
October 22-24
December 3-5


Oct. 1-3
Nov. 5-7
Dec. 3-5

Location: Hutchinson, KS
Testing Administrators: 3M Graphics Authorized Testers from Lowen Certified
Time Required: 4 days

Contact: 888-201-8945 or visit

October 8-22
November 5-12-26
December 3-10

Location: Burbank, CA
Testing Administrators: 3M Graphics Authorized Tester at Wrapix Academy

Contact: 818-433-7548 or visit

Contact: 818-433-7548 or visit