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rear and side view of car wrapped in 3M 2080 gloss lucid yellow
Next Generation Wrap Film Makes Installation Easier

The new 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 brings updated technology and protection for vehicle wraps

New colors and finishes are here. Check out the latest 3M Wrap Film launched.

Introducing the new 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 colors:

  • matte slate blue metallic
    Matte Slate Blue Metallic M217
  • matte black metallic
    Matte Black Metallic M212
  • gloss lucid yellow
    Gloss Lucid Yellow G55
  • gloss flame red
    Gloss Flame Red G53
  • gloss deep orange
    Gloss Deep Orange G24
  • gloss gloss light green
    Gloss Light Green G16

Full lineup of 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 available today:

  • Gloss

    Gloss Black G12
    Gloss White G10
    Gloss Hotrod Red G13
    Gloss Burnt Orange G14
    Gloss Bright Yellow G15
    Gloss Sunflower G25
    Gloss Bright Orange G54
    Gloss Light Ivory G79
    Gloss Dark Red G83
    Gloss Hot Pink G103
    Gloss Flame Red G53

  • Gloss (continued)

    Gloss Lucid Yellow G55
    Gloss Deep Orange G24
    Gloss Light Green G16
    Gloss Midnight Blue GP272
    Gloss Flip Deep Space GP278
    Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl GP280
    Gloss Flip Psychedelic GP281
    Gloss Ember Black GP282
    Gloss Galaxy Black GP292
    Gloss Wicked GP298
    Gloss White Gold Sparkle GP240

  • Satin

    Satin Flip Volcanic Flare SP236
    Satin Gold Dust Black SP242
    Satin Vampire Red SP273
    Satin Key West S57
    Satin Apple Green S196
    Satin Pearl White SP10
    Satin Caramel Luster SP59
    Satin Frozen Vanilla SP240
    Satin Flip Ghost Pearl SP280
    Satin Flip Psychedelic SP281
    Satin Dark Gray S261
    Satin Thundercloud S271
    Satin Battleship Gray S51

  • Matte

    Matte Red Metallic M203
    Matte Pine Green Metallic M206
    Matte Brown Metallic M209
    Matte Silver M209
    Matte Charcoal Metallic M211
    Matte Blue Metallic M227
    Matte Copper Metallic M229
    Matte Gray Aluminum M230
    Matte Dark Gray M261
    Matte Indigo M27
    Matte Riviera Blue M67
    Matte Military Green M26

  • Textures

    Brushed Black Metallic BR212
    Brushed Steel BR201
    Brushed Titanium BR230
    Brushed Aluminum BR120
    Matrix Black MX12
    Shadow Black SB12
    Shadow Military Green SB26
    Carbon Fiber Black CFS12
    Carbon Fiber Anthracite CFS201
    Carbon Fiber White CFS10

  • Color Flips

    Satin Flip Caribbean Shimmer SP276
    Satin Flip Glacial Frost SP277

  • Chrome

    Gloss Silver Chrome GC451


vehicle car wrapped in 3m 2080 matte slate blue metallic
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Questions? Contact a 3M expert.

Questions about 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080? Consult with a 3M expert.