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  • No matter the vehicles your customers drive, the buildings they occupy or the locations their businesses serve, every surface they own can become an extension of their brands. Car wraps can create dynamic vehicle advertising, window graphics can increase foot traffic, and wall wraps can invigorate the customer experience. The 3M Graphics & Signage product portfolio gives graphics manufacturers the ability to bring their clients’ visions to life. With our total graphics and illuminated sign solutions, your customers will get the attention they deserve… and they will love you for it.



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Get noticed with 3M Brand You.

  • 3M Brand You

    Up Your Game. Check out 3M Brand You - a dedicated hub full of news, advice, and how-to's for all things branding. From Branding Basics, Visual Theory, Experiential Innovation and more, let our expertise help boost yours.

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Design Smarter with 3M Visual Attention Software.

  • 3M Design Software

    You only have 3-5 tiny little seconds to catch someone’s attention. So how do graphic manufacturers and installers make sure they put the right design in the right place on an illuminated sign or a car wrap? It requires strategy. From color and height to width, 3M Visual Attention Software (VAS) understands the science behind what catches the eye.

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