Health Care & Safety Management

Health Care & Safety Management

  • Providing unparalleled ability to connect people, insights, science and technology

    Your workforce is counting on you to protect their health and safety. Wound care management and on-site health care and dental clinics provide critical care as well as convenience. 3M offers a robust platform of patient care, facility maintenance and infection prevention resources that are scalable to the size and scope of your health initiatives. Rely on us for more advanced surgical and drug delivery solutions, as well as oral health essentials.

  • Infection Protection

    Infection Protection

    Help your teams improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care, from the hospital to the clinic, long-term facility to home, with medical supplies and clinical expertise you can rely on.

    Sterilization and Monitoring

    Hand Hygiene



  • Health Information Systems

    3M Health Information Systems provides you with intelligent tools to help you compile and use health information for better clinical and financial performance.

  • Food Safety

    3M Food Safety provides a large portfolio of proven and reliable solutions to meet your needs.

  • Oral Health

    Oral Health

    Discover how our dental health care products are designed to improve your oral health care.


    Preventive Care


  • Drug Delivery

    Drug Delivery

    Work hand-in-hand using proven inhalation, transdermal, oral and topical manufacturing expertise from feasibility to market -- all while ensuring the highest standards of manufactured product delivery in drug delivery systems.





  • Facility Solutions for Health Care

    3M understands the importance of patient care that can result in greater patient safety and satisfaction—and providing it in a cost effective manner.

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