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3M Matching Gift Programs

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Matching Programs

  • 3Mgives - 3M Volunteer Match

    3M Foundation Volunteer Match

    • 3M employees and retirees located in the US are eligible
    • Volunteer 25+ hours at one qualifying nonprofit or school
    • The same qualifying organization will receive a $500 match from 3M Foundation
    • One match per employee/alumni per calendar year
  • 3Mgives - 3M Community Giving Match

    3M Foundation Community Giving Match

    • 3M employees located in the US are eligible
    • Donate to a qualifying nonprofit organization(s) or school(s)
    • Qualifying organization(s) or school(s) receives a 1:1 match, up to $1,000, from 3M Foundation 
  • 3Mgives - 3M College and University Match

    3M Foundation College & University Match

    • 3M employees and retirees (until five-year anniversary of retirement date) located in the US are eligible
    • Donate to colleges, universities and/or diverse scholarship nonprofits
    • Organization receives a 1:1 match for employees and .50:1 for retirees, up to $5,000, from 3M Foundation 


Nonprofit Payment Portal Access

Nonprofit partners can click the buttons below to access payment portals for 3M Foundation matching gifts. Payment portals provide information on batch checks, donor details, and donor designation.

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