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Teachers Working in Science and Technology

The 3M TWIST program allows middle and high school math, science, and technology teachers to spend six weeks during the summer working closely with a 3M host on an actual 3M research project. The objective is to provide active and challenging technical experiences for teachers in an industrial setting. TWIST is based on the idea that the way to learn science is to do science – an axiom that applies as much to teachers as it does to their students.

This program is offered in partnership with the Minnesota Technology Association.

  • TWIST participant and 3M scientist in lab

    How it works

    3M selects about 40 teachers for the program each year. The TWIST program currently brings in teachers to work at our 3M R&D facility in St. Paul MN and in our manufacturing plants in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Texas, North Carolina and Connecticut. During the six weeks of the project, the teachers work under the supervision of their hosts on a research project related to a 3M product or technology.

    After this portion of the program, the teachers are encouraged to participate in follow-up sessions with their school districts to discuss how to best use their new knowledge and share it with their colleagues.

    Download the 2022 flyer to learn more about TWIST (PDF, 173 KB)

    3M TWIST is now accepting applications until January 31 (St. Paul) or February 21 (non-St. Paul) TWIST program. Please click here to register.

"Learning about the breadth of uses for STEM in industry. Using my skills at a higher level.”
3M TWIST Participant, Class of 2017