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Technical Teams Encouraging Career Horizons

3M TECH aims to broaden students understanding of what science and engineering careers are – that is, who goes into these jobs and how did they get there? Middle and high school is the time when most students ‘self-eliminate’ themselves from science career paths. Science and math can seem too hard, not tied to real life, and too much of a hassle. Typically students have few or no role models for what a scientific career could be or why it is fun and rewarding!

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    How it works

    3M TECH offers classroom visits to provide students, especially women and minorities, with the opportunity to meet and interact with role models who enjoy technical careers. 3M volunteers from a variety of technical job positions, degree levels, and backgrounds participate. The visits encourage a variety of questions from the students, such as: scientists sharing stories from their own career path, guidance on courses to take now to prepare for college, demonstration of the products or technology the scientist/engineer has developed as part of their job, and the facts around technical careers (salaries, types of jobs available, high demand for trained persons, etc.).

  • Selection Process

    The program operates as a once a school year match between the 3M TECH team and a science teacher at a middle or high school. In the fall, an invitation to register for the program is sent to teachers. Teachers fill out a ‘school questionnaire’ with basic information about their students and the class(es) they teach. Also in the fall, 3M technical employees volunteer to participate and are matched with requesting schools. Matches are announced in January; 3M TECH visits are scheduled for the Spring semester, but some have been scheduled for the fall.

    3M TECH teams are assigned on a first come, first serve basis, and are limited to the surrounding areas of 3M Center in St. Paul, MN. We are only able to send one team per school and in the interest of the volunteers we ask that you try to limit the school periods to 4 hours total.

    2020-21 TECH Program Information Coming Soon.

"The TECH visits are great because for many of the students it is their only opportunity to talk to real-life scientists. They get to see that they are real people; they don't have to be geniuses to go into science."
3M TECH Program Participating Teacher