Investing in science, technology, engineering and math around the world.
Investing in science, technology, engineering and math around the world.

3M’s Commitment to Education

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    Our mission is to help students take steps toward careers in STEM. We pique curiosity with demonstrations and visits, and we nourish that curiosity in programs for older students and educators. Overall, we aim to inspire curiosity, improve educational outcomes, and transform lives through STEM and skilled trade opportunities. 


  • 3M Visiting Wizards encourage young people’s interest in STEM by bringing fun science demos and hands-on experiments straight to their classrooms. These simple experiments show how 3M science can impact everyday life.

  • 3M volunteers from a variety of technical job positions, degree levels, and backgrounds describe the route they took to their current position. These talks take the mystery out of STEM careers and turn curiosity into opportunity. 

  • 3M’s Science at Home provides teachers and parents with simple science experiments for kids that can be conducted at home by students ages 6-12. Demonstrated by 3M scientists and celebrities such as Miss America, these science experiments use common household items and are designed to reinforce core scientific principles. STEM education is critical to the future of science, and we’re committed to support schools everywhere through e-learning.

  • The STEM Works For Me campaign developed by DoSomething in partnership with 3M educates students from underrepresented backgrounds to learn more about STEM careers, challenge their understanding of the industry, and leverage their interests to inspire participation.


  • 3M TWIST (Teachers Working in Science and Technology) brings middle and high school math, science, and technology teachers together for six weeks during the summer to work on 3M research projects. This allows educators to expand their tool set, solve real-life problems, and have ready answers for students who want to know about practical applications for their school curricula.

  • 3M partners with FIRST® to help young people discover and develop a passion for STEM through team sponsorship and with the support of 3M volunteers, FIRST® LEGO® League and FIRST® Robotics Competition teams. 


  • Show high school juniors and seniors the ropes in applied science. Today's students want the opportunity to help solve important problems. In STEP, we make science accessible so they have those opportunities down the line. 

  • The UNCF 3M. Applied to Life. Scholarship Program provides need-based scholarship support to underrepresented high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a STEM degree, or college freshman already enrolled in a STEM degree program.

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Build the future of science.

3M’s Science Encouragement Programs connect us directly with our communities. Learn more about the four programs.