3M Corporate Grant Guidelines

  • 3M’s Giving Focus Areas & Grant Cycles

    3M strives to maximize our social impact within our communities and support a culture of service among our people. To do this, 3M partners with leading organizations that are aligned to our global footprint and have proven track records for making a difference in our three areas of focus:

    • Education – 3M supports initiatives that advance equitable outcomes in STEM and business for under-represented and under-resourced populations. Our goal is to help build a diverse pipeline of global talent by increasing student interest and achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

      Education Grant Cycles:
      • K-12 Education: April to June  
      • Higher Education: July to September
    • Environment – 3M invests in environmental initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship in the communities where we operate. We are committed to supporting organizations focused on conservation and improving air and water quality. 3M also supports quality environmental learning activities for students. 

      ​Environment Grant Cycle: 
      • February – April
  • 3M's Grant Terms & Conditions

    3M's Terms & Conditions apply to all 3M corporate investments. Acceptance of 3M funds constitutes agreement. See the complete Terms & Conditions here.


In addition to aligning with 3M’s focus areas and strategies, organizations must meet the following criteria and must serve a 3M Community. See our 3M community locations in the U.S. (PDF, 114KB).

  • The following organizations are not eligible for support:
    • Individuals
    • For-profit
    • Disease-related
    • Government agencies
    • Hospitals, clinics or nursing homes
    • Treatment centers or hospice programs
    • Religious, fraternal or social
  • The following activities are not eligible for support:
    • Athletics
    • Advocacy and lobbying efforts to influence legislation
    • Conferences, seminars, workshops or publications of their proceedings
    • Endowments
    • Film/video production
    • Fundraising, testimonial, athletic and special events
    • Playground or athletic equipment
    • Travel

  • Invitation-Only Funder

    Thank you for your interest in 3M community giving and for the work you lead to improve well-being in your community. At this time 3M is an invitation-only funder.