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Investing in a more vibrant world.

3M Enhances Community Vibrancy

3Mgives forms lasting partnerships with communities worldwide and provides resources to help them succeed and grow—ensuring a more interconnected and thriving world.


  • Improve the quality of life in underserved families
  • Increase access to youth development programs for underrepresented children
  • Provide access to vibrant and diverse art opportunities
United Way Volunteers

The Minnesota Children’s Museum’s Forces at Play engages children in STEM in a fun and exciting way. 3M is proud to sponsor this hands-on exhibit that invites children to experience science applied to life through non-goal directed activities.

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    3M establishes a Global Relief Fund

    In the wake of an unprecedented level of natural disasters in fall 2017, 3M established a Global Relief Fund to strategically support affected communities, and to position funds for future relief efforts. 

    This investment brought 3M’s disaster relief this fall to more than $3.5 million, including cash support and more than $2.1 million in product donations. 

    In early September, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit areas with 3M operations in Texas and Florida. 3M reacted quickly with immediate cash support and a program to match donations from 3M employees and retirees. Just weeks later, Hurricane Maria impacted Puerto Rico, where 3M has an office dedicated to sales, technical and marketing operations. In addition, multiple earthquakes have devastated areas in Mexico, and wildfires have struck the U.S. West Coast. 

    The Global Relief Fund investment includes:


    • Latin America relief, including Mexico earthquakes and Hurricane Maria
      Community partners: Direct Relief, MAP International and local organizations in Mexico and Puerto Rico
    • U.S.-based emergency relief, including hurricane-affected communities in Texas and Florida, as well as victims of wildfires in California and the Pacific Northwest
      Community partner: American Red Cross
    • Ongoing global relief and recovery from natural disasters in 2017
      Community partner: GlobalGiving

    Product donations include the following where needed: First Aid tapes and bandages; respirators; safety glasses; stethoscopes; infection prevention products; ergonomic products for industrial use; various tapes including packaging and box sealing tape, duct tape and reflective tape; earplugs; working gloves and sponges; abrasives such as sanding sponges; and 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent. 

    For more information on how 3M’s global community partners are responding, visit American Red Cross, Direct Relief, MAP International and GlobalGiving.

Community Program Highlights

  • marathon runners

    Half Marathon Benefits Girlstart

    The annual 3M Half Marathon in Austin, Texas, set a record with 6,500 runners. The nonprofit, Girlstart, received $50,000 from 3Mgives in conjunction with the race. Girlstart’s programs work to increase girls’ interest and engagement in STEM fields.

  • 3M Spain volunteers

    3M Spain provides meals to local students.

    Through a partnership with SOS Children Villages of Spain, 3M helped provide more than 500 students with healthy meals.

Community Grants

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