3M Foundation Grant Guidelines

  • 3M Foundation Terms & Conditions

    3M Foundation Terms & Conditions apply to all 3M Foundation investments. Acceptance of 3M Foundation funds constitutes agreement. See the complete 3M Foundation Terms & Conditions here.


In addition to aligning with 3M’s focus areas and strategies, organizations must meet the following criteria and must serve a 3M Community. See our 3M community locations in the U.S. (PDF, 347KB).

  • The following organizations are not eligible for support:
    • Individuals
    • For-profit
    • Disease-related
    • Government agencies
    • Hospitals, clinics or nursing homes
    • Treatment centers or hospice programs
    • Religious, fraternal or social
  • The following activities are not eligible for support:
    • Athletics
    • Advocacy and lobbying efforts to influence legislation
    • Conferences, seminars, workshops or publications of their proceedings
    • Endowments
    • Film/video production
    • Fundraising, testimonial, athletic and special events
    • Playground or athletic equipment
    • Travel

  • Invitation-Only Funder

    Thank you for your interest in 3M Foundation community giving and for the work you lead to improve well-being in your community. At this time 3M Foundation is an invitation-only funder.