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3M Environmental Monitoring Webinar Series with Dr. Martin Wiedmann

  • Effective environmental monitoring programs, as part of an overall food safety system, can help to extend product shelf life, reduce risk of recalls, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. By shifting the emphasis from finished product testing to proactive prevention, identification and elimination of sources of food contamination can occur before they create a serious and costly problem.

    This five-part webinar series offers end-to-end content about environmental monitoring that builds in complexity as you progress through the program. It is beneficial for companies starting to implement environmental monitoring programs, companies working through implementation and its challenges, as well as companies who have an existing program and are looking for ways to enhance it.

    Access all five on-demand webinars about environmental testing with Dr. Martin Wiedmann of Cornell University via 3M℠ Health Care Academy and through the links below.

  • Martin Wiedmann headshot photo

    Martin Wiedmann, DVM, PhD Biography

    • Gellert Family Professor in Food Safety at Cornell University
    • Director of Graduate Studies for the Field of Food Science and Technology
    • Dr. Wiedmann’s research focuses on the transmission and systems biology of bacterial foodborne pathogens and spoilage organisms
    • 2015 Recipient of the Harold Macy Food Science and Technology Award

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Environmental allergen testing designed for your lab

  • Environmental allergen testing

    Be confident in your allergen testing process. 3M™ Allergen Testing Products were created with your needs in mind by a team of experts who use these tests every day. Choose from a variety of tests designed to detect processed and unprocessed proteins, with a simplified workflow.

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