Food Safety Certificates Available Online

  • Quality Indicator Testing

    3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates 

  • Sample Collection

    3M™ Hydrated-Sponges
    3M™ Swabs
    3M™ Sample Bags

  • Pathogen and Toxin Testing

    3M™ Molecular Detection System
    3M™ Tecra™ Tests 

  • Time and Temperature Monitoring

    3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicators 

  • Prepared and Dehydrated Media

    3M™ Dehydrated Media
    3M™ Dilution Bottles
    3M™ Prepared Enrichment Media 

Food Safety Certificates

Food Safety Certificate Request

Request certificates from 3M Food Safety for certificates not currently available online.

  • Lab Supplies Equipment and Supplies

    3M™ Electric Pipettors and Tips

  • Hygiene Monitoring

    3M™ Hygiene Monitoring Systems

  • Time and Temperature Monitoring

    3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicators 

Food Safety Certificates

  • Use the search bars below to find Certificates of Analysis, Conformance, and Sterility for all Food Safety products. The only documents that can be found here are for the Food Safety Department. If the desired COA cannot be found, please submit a request form.  Having trouble finding the stock number or lot number on your shipping label? Click here for a guide on finding them. 

The Certificates Online tool must be viewed on a desktop or tablet only.

Can’t find the COA you need? Check that you are correctly entering the fields using the directions above. If it still cannot be found, submit a request below.

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