Reverse Osmosis. Applied to keepin' your steamer cleaner.
Reverse Osmosis. Applied to keeping your steam cleaner.

Protect your investment with the SGLP-CL series reverse osmosis system

  • Combi system callouts

    Because steam is 100% water, any impurities in the water have the potential to precipitate on the surfaces within the combi-oven or steamer potentially causing hard scale build-up and corrosion. In fact, the incoming water quality can have a direct impact on equipment life, equipment downtime and costly repairs.

    1. Integrated System Design
    Entire system, including the water storage tank, is integrated on a single wall mounted bracket for easy installation.

    2. Chlorine Chloramines Reduction
    Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) prefilter cartridge included an activated catalytic carbon block for the reduction of chlorine and chloramines from the incoming water.

    3. Non-Electric, Hydraulically Driven Pump
    Helps to maximize RO water production.

    4. High Production RO Memranes
    100 or 200 gpd production rate @ 50 psi incoming water pressure and 77° temperature.

    Optional Automatic Cleaning Bypass (not shown)
    Allows the system to be used with single inlet combi-ovens. The system automatically goes into bypass during the cleaning cycle.

What water related equipment problems do you face?

  • Typical water specs.

    Combi-oven and steamer manufacturers have developed water specifications to protect their equipment from the potentially harmful effects of water impurities. Before installing a combi-oven or steamer, 3M recommends that you have your water tested to ensure that the incoming water meets the manufacturer's specifications.

    Hardness and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are naturally occurring in all water supplies. When water is converted to steam, dissolved minerals in the water will precipitate out and cling to the oven surfaces. The scale forming minerals, calcium and magnesium, will precipitate out as hard scale which may result in:

    • Inefficient operation and increased energy costs
    • Increased maintenance costs
    • Increased equipment downtime

Scale causes equipment down time and reduces efficiency.

1/8" of scale = 25% energy loss = $300 per year (average)1

  • Increased build up

    Without filtration, impurities in water can result in increased build up resulting in increased maintenance and the possibility of reduced equipment life.

  • SGLP-CL Series System use

    The SGLP-CL Series System helps keep equipment cleaner, which helps reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Chlorides are associated with the salt content in water and are very common in many water supplies.

  • At high temperatures, chlorides can attachk stainless steel surfaces.
  • They can cause very rapid corrosion and destruction within a steamer or combi-oven.
  • Chlorides cannot be easily removed from water.

Chlorine and chloramines are added by municipalities to disinfect water. Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia and is an approved disinfectant by the EPA.

  • In the USA, nearly 60% of the population in the USA is on chloraminated water.
  • When water is converted to steam, chlorine and chloramines can create a corrosive environment potentially causing premature equipment failure.

1 Based on $900 annual energy costs with scale-protection; will vary based on the heating equipment.

  • Annual water savings chart

    Hardness minerals can build up within steam equipment, thus increasing the probability of equipment downtime and the need for maintenance.

    With a SGLP-CL System, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on scale-related maintenance and equipment-replacement costs.

    The SGLP-CL System from 3M results in considerable savings in water usage as compared to traditional RO systems. In fact, a restaurant can save nearly 400 gallons of water for every 50 gallons of water used!

    *Comparison of SGLP200-CL versus a traditional RO system with 8% water efficiency per NSF 58 protocol. Actual savings may vary based on water temperature and inlet water conditions.

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