A perfect companion to your 3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™ SCBA

Designed using a platform approach, the 3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator incorporates the latest technology to enhance situational intelligence, while providing a customizable solution to meet the changing needs of today’s firefighter.

Now with Bluetooth® communications, the 3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece with Radio Direct Interface and Bone Conduction Headphone provides enhanced voice intelligibility during two-way radio communications, helping to overcome fireground communication challenges.

Image of Vision C5 facepiece on a smokey background
Meet the new face of firefighting.

3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator


Achieve new levels of situational intelligence.

  • Close up of firefighter wearing Vision C5 facepiece
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    Wider field of view helps to improve situational awareness.

  • firefighter listening to his radio communciations
    Hear what matters.

    Bone conduction headphone for clear incoming radio communications.

  • firefighter entering a building wearing a Vision C5 facepiece
    Breathe easier.

    New regulator design provides improved breathing performance.

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Hear and be heard

when it matters most.


Meet the the new face of firefighting.

  • Radio direct interface
    Wireless radio communications utilizing existing compatible radios.

    In-Mask Communications
    Enhanced voice intelligibility during two-way radio communications.

    Bone Conduction Headphones
    Enhance hearing and understanding of incoming two-way radio communications.

    Automated Voice Prompts
    Provide verbal notification of changing system conditions.

    Multipurpose Solution
    Continuous operation when transitioning between tactical (on air) and non-tactical (off air) operations.

  • Wider Field of View
    Helps to improve situational awareness.

    New Face Seal
    Designed for enhanced comfort and easier donning.

    Removable 5-Point Head Harness
    Helps provide secure fit while minimizing adjustment during donning and is easily removable for cleaning.

    Modular Design
    Enables future upgradeability, improves serviceability and provides a platform for use across multiple respiratory  applications.

  • Image of E-Z Flo C5 regulator
    3M™ Scott™ E-Z Flo C5 Regulator

    Enhanced Breathability
    Helps reduce user burden and improve operational efficiencies.

    Enhanced Communications
    Reduced frequency Vibralert helps improve two-way radio communications.

    Expanded Heads-Up Display
    New status icons provide visual alerts to SCBA wearer for electronic personnel accountability report (ePAR), EVAC and System Integrity Alarm (when using 3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA configured with 3M™ Scott™ SEMS II Pro Wireless SCBA Telemetry).

    Auto Air-Saver
    Simplifies operation and helps prevent inadvertent air loss during removal from the facepiece.

    External “Buddy” Lights
    Assist with remote identification of a user’s SCBA air remaining.

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