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About 3M Film Manufacturing

  • As a leader in manufacturing, our experts help design and build integrated solutions, accelerate your time to market, discover efficiency in the global supply chain, and ensure your competitive advantage with our expert global team. We touch and improve the entire supply chain from bulk raw materials sourcing, to making resins, manufacturing film, coating and micro replication, inspecting, converting, packaging and getting product to the right place at the right time. Bring us your film and materials challenges, and we'll help you solve them. Together, we can do things no one else can do.

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Your Challenges, Our Solutions. Together We Grow.

3M Film Manufacturing Applications

Our films and technologies are used in a wide variety of applications and industries to improve performance, cut cost, and uncover the mega trends of the future. Our brand embraces the science at the heart of everything we do.

  • Coil wires wrapped in plastic film close-up
    Electrical and Electronics

    3M PET Films are used in vast applications in the electrical and electronics industry due to adaptable film attributes and functionality.

  • Finger tested with glucose meter
    Health Care

    3M PET Films offers competitive alternatives in performance. Our stringent manufacturing certifications and superior customer service make us great partners in solving your health care film needs.

  • Plastic peg material close-up
    Industrial & Construction

    3M PET Films offers a wide range of products that support the industrial and construction industry. From clear, hazy, white color film and different thicknesses we are confident we can help with the unique film you’re looking for.

  • Woman taping multiple boxes

    3M PET Films provides customizable alternatives for the packaging industry. Your business and product requirements are unique and we provide solutions that may be difficult to support by “one-size fits all” suppliers.

  • Solar panels and windturbines in a field

    3M PET Films have been used in the photovoltaic solar industry for years. These products have rigorous requirements with longevity being one of the primary attributes. 3M PET Films, with its durability and exceptional performance have been the right choice for many.

  • Man peels auto decal liner from van panel

    3M PET Films has a diverse product portfolio of liners supporting a wide range of markets and industries. Whether you’re looking for liners with coating, release, or adhesion promoter our experts can help you navigate the different options and find the best solutions.

3M Film Manufacturing Support

3M innovation is fundamentally about solving problems. We extend an open invitation to access our experts—present your challenges so we can work together to develop answers, customize solutions, and put 3M's technology to work for you.

3M Film Manufacturing Success Stories

  • Window covered with water droplets on a gloomy day
    The right coating

    When a major appliance manufacturer needed a stronger, longer-lasting moisture barrier for a new product introduction, we provided a film far better than the previous solution.

    Dec 1, 1901
  • Automated manufacturing equipment on assembly line
    Achieving brightness
    The brightness of a mobile phone screen is integral to its performance. A phone manufacturer asked 3M to deliver a brighter display with the same battery life. Sourcing globally, we delivered a unique solution that met the client’s requirement.
    Dec 1, 1901
  • Doctor reviewing results of an MRI on computer screens
    High standards

    Thanks to our customization capabilities, we were able to create film for a medical manufacturer that met all of their stringent recycling requirements. But we can also provide films for standardized industries such as packaging.

    Dec 1, 1901
  • Man's hand holding recycled film resin
    Recycled resin

    One of our manufacturing clients asked for higher recycled resin content. We responded with a film that met those requirements within the same week. Our team can act quickly, even when the requests are challenging.

    Dec 1, 1901
  • Woman scientist fixing broken computer monitor
    Eliminating defects

    Our multimillion dollar lab offers special analysis and film testing, which helped a corporate client’s scientific team identify a resin issue when their high-quality film kept experiencing defects. Companies send film to us for testing when they need to find a second source.

    Dec 1, 1901
  • Cockpit of futuristic car interior
    On the road

    With center consoles similar to airplane cockpits, today’s cars need screens that are bright and long-lasting. We helped a car manufacturer by developing a non-yellowing film that provides a bright display and can last for the life of the vehicle.

    Dec 1, 1901


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3M Film Manufacturing Capabilities

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    Innovative Technology

    At 3M, the innovation is never-ending. Using 46 technology platforms, our integrated team of scientists and researchers deliver impact customer solutions that address current and future industry trends.

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    Lean Manufacturing

    3M is a global manufacturing company that combines operational excellence and vertical integration to reduce waste, improve productivity and deliver a competitive advantage to our customers.

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    Global Footprint

    3M is a global technology company with operations in 70 countries, and laboratories in 36 countries, having the ability to serve customers wherever they are, with efficiency and agility.