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  • Interior of manufacturing plant

    Plant Shut Down

    Plant shut-downs, whether annual or seasonal, are a great opportunity to make changes. Typically, you want to focus on major items like new machine installs, assembly line rework or machine maintenance. Unfortunately, laying out floor lines to match new workflows is a necessary step. To avoid diverting valuable time from your main tasks, use tape for fast, painless floor marking.

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    Management Reviews

    When the big boss comes to town to check out your facility, it can be stressful. They want to see your lines-on-time reports, days without injury, and maybe even your Kaizen boards. It takes time to prepare for a visit that can have a big effect on your career. To help them focus on your strengths and your team, it helps to ensure your facility looks its best. Some fresh tape around your 5S areas, floors and pipes can go a long way in making a lasting impression.

  • Two men wearing hardhats talking inside a facility

    Customer Visits/Audits

    You take great care in the products you produce for your customers. But your plant’s appearance may not reflect that expertise. One easy way to refresh your plant? Replace old lines with marking tape. Whether it’s pipes or floors, if your customer is going to see it, you want it to look great. That way, there’ll be no distractions from the real reason they came – your products.

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