Make your floor care process easier.

Access a handy wall chart that meets your cleaning needs.

  • Download & Print Now

    Take the confusion out of floor care with an easy 3M reference chart. The downloadable chart can be personalized for your facility with editable fields for your specific equipment and process. Simply download below, fill in details on the process for your facility, and print in the size of your choosing. The chart can be posted on a wall, such as in the cleaning supply area, for easy reference, and a floor pad center hole can be adhered if desired.

  • Get Your Copy By Mail

    Help your staff know which 3M™ Floor Pad to use for each purpose and floor type by providing a reference chart. We’ll mail you a 11” x 17” laminated chart that contains four main floor care processes: Daily Cleaning, Burnishing, Deep Scrubbing, and Stripping.  The chart can be hung up in a closet for easy viewing and a floor pad center hole can be adhered to ensure the right floor pad is used for each task.