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May 26

3M™ Digital Oral Care Unveils New True Definition Scanner

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Product Tutorials

  • Five things to know about allergens and what you can do

    1. Allergies can be life-threatening. People may associate allergies with minor symptoms that go along with seasonal allergies, like sniffling and itchy eyes. For some people, allergic reactions can cause difficulty breathing, a loss of blood flow, and, ultimately, death.

    2. Having food allergies can be isolating. Schools often have a peanut-free lunch table, so kids with allergies may eat lunch alone. Encourage children who don’t have peanuts, or other allergens, in their lunch to sit with students at the allergen-free table if they can. Adults and children alike often opt out of social events if they are food-centered.

    3. List ingredients. When you attend potlucks, list ingredients used in the recipe or keep the package labels on hand for people to review.

    4. Be aware of cross-contamination. For some people with food allergies, even a miniscule amount of an ingredient can lead to a severe reaction. Using a cutting board, utensils, mixers or an oven that contacted an allergen can lead to cross-contamination and an allergic reaction.

    5. Plan ahead. Whether you a planning a child’s birthday party or hosting an event for adults, let guests know what foods will be served. If you are serving pizza and brownies at a kid’s party, your child’s friends can bring their own and feel included in the festivities.




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