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    Revolutionize your building by redirecting sunlight.


    3M Trifecta Orange/Dark Orange Mesh
    Revolutionize your building by redirecting sunlight.

    Natural sunlight can have a powerful effect on us where we least expect it—indoors. 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film helps reduce the need for artificial illumination in buildings.

    • Office with large windows and sun pouring in.

      In addition to being environmentally friendly and cost-effective, natural sunlight has been found to improve patient recovery time, lift moods and increase productivity.

      But how do we bring more of the sun deeper inside our buildings?

      3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films micro-replication technology uses microscopic structures to redirect 80% of natural light that would’ve otherwise hit the floor just feet away from the window and directs it toward the ceiling. The redirected light reaches up to 40 feet from the window, filling the deeper recesses of a room with natural sunlight.

      It’s a simple idea, brought to life with 3M Science. Sunlight is yours for the harnessing. You just need to tell it where to go. 3M Daylight Redirecting Film can help.