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    The cleanest tap water starts underground.


    3M Trifecta Blue/Light Blue Mesh
    The cleanest tap water starts underground.

    Making the pipes that bring us clean water ever more reliable

    • Renew and protect drinking water pipes from the inside.

      We often take clean water for granted—whatever we need, we have, literally by turning a knob.. We don't think about it, because the vast networks of pipes that bring water from reservoir and water tower to our shower or faucet were often laid decades ago. But like everything else, pipes don't last forever, and the years are often unkind to them.

      However, old pipes don't necessarily need to be replaced (which would cost cities billions of dollars). Instead, aging pipes can be cleaned and lined with a special quick-curing polyurea treatment, applied using a spin-cast method, that inhibits the deterioration that can lead to water quality problems.

      This process restores pipes to near their original diameter, helping stop corrosion in its tracks and allowing even cleaner water to flow just 90 minutes after application.

      We can all drink to that.