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    Preventing blackouts to keep your profits in the black.


    storm cloud above a store front

    • There’s nothing like a power outage to make you realize just how much you rely on electricity. No lights? No air conditioning? No internet?

      But for a business, a blackout can have huge implications for its bottom line.

      It can take companies up to a week to recover from a blackout. According to a study by the US Department of Energy, profit loss can rapidly mount up to a half a million dollars or more. For businesses like hospitals, banks and secure facilities, those blackouts could mean lost data or even potential health and security risks.

      But 3M Science is already at work on a solution: intelligent grids. These grids will be armed with specialized utility sensors that can enable detection of blackouts even before they happen. That means better infrastructure protection. The ability to recognize – and prevent – a blackout even before it happens. Less time spent in the dark. Fewer profits lost and more data protected.

      Most of all, it means your business can keep moving forward without interruption.