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    Comfort that won't block the view


    Energy efficient window film - Mother and child looking out window.

    • Sometimes the most beautiful things are those you need protection from, like the sun, the cold of Fall, and severe winter weather. But with the proper tools, you can keep your blinds and drapes open, while staying comfortable and enjoying the view outside.

      By helping to block UV and infrared light, these films help cut more than half the heat that enters or leaves your house, reducing heating and cooling costs over time. And this effect happens with near-complete transparency, preserving the color and brilliance of your view. And while others are metal-based, creating a reflective effect that replaces your view with your living room, our non-metallic films can be even less reflective than ordinary glass.

      We do this through advanced nanotechnology, fitting hundreds of ultra-thin layers, each with its own purpose and less than the thickness of a Post-it® Note.

      When your windows are protected, you don’t have to go far to enjoy the world outside.