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    Keeping oil and gas flowing smoothly.


    3M Trifecta Blue/Light Blue mesh
    Keeping oil and gas flowing smoothly.
    Discover the journey that powers your own. Learn more about how 3M helps support the oil and gas industry.

    • 3M Oil and Gas Solutions

      When you need to refill your gas tank, you're thinking about the route you need to take to the nearest gas station, not the route the gasoline takes to get to you. It's a complex journey—and 3M provides critical support along the way.

      We partner with oil companies to help keep oil and gas flowing smoothly, from extraction to refinement to transportation. We offer specialized materials like hollow glass spheres that reduce the density of drilling fluids and cements, or advanced filtration technologies for oil refinement. But we're also delivering items like electrical connectors to keep everything running, and abrasive pads and scrubbers to keep them running smoothly.

      And it's not just about the machines. We work to help ensure safety of the workers that make the oil and gas industry possible, with products like respirators and eye and hearing protection. And our scientists collaborate to create solutions that help protect our environment, developing technologies like the epoxy coatings that help stop pipelines from corroding and leaking.