1. Twice the power, without larger towers.
3M Energy
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    Twice the power, without larger towers.


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    Twice the power, without larger towers.

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    • When you're out on a hike or camping trip to enjoy the natural world, you're there to see the breathtaking views that will make you forget civilization, not electrical towers that will lead you back to it. But as our world and our energy usage grow, building taller towers to carry more energy is an inevitability—or is it? What if we could push more energy through the infrastructure we already have?

      That's a question that led our scientists to reimagine the high-voltage power line.

      Traditional lines are made of lightweight, highly conductive aluminum cables, wrapped around a stronger, heavier, much less conductive steel core. That core keeps the cables in the air, but increasingly sags as the energy level increases. That's what we aimed to change. We developed aluminum oxide fibers that are strong enough to replace the core, while cutting its weight in half, reducing sag, and withstanding higher temperatures.

      The result is Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced cables—strong, lighter power lines that carry more amps. With ACCR, we can deliver more power without building more towers—leaving your view unchanged.