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    Harness the power of the wind.


    3M Trifecta Dark Blue/Blue mesh
    Harness the power of the wind.

    3M is better harnessing the power of wind with a reliable, aerodynamic enhancement system.

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      Wind is a constant force in our lives. It can move a sailboat on its course or carry a bird in flight. It can also be an amazing source of energy—if harnessed correctly. Wind turbines have long been capturing power from this invisible force, but not always in the most efficient way. With 3M™ Vortex Generators, you can best capture the energy generated from a turbine, ensuring you maximize the power and profit from wind. Reliability is the key to efficiency. 3M vortex generators enhance the performance of the blades by making them more aerodynamic and reducing flow separation. This improves the entire turbine in terms of power, loads and service life. As proof of improved performance, our vortex generators are equipped with 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape die-cuts that provide excellent long-term durability and holding power while treating the blade surface with care. By designing for longer lasting power production, we ensure that your long-term investment is profitable and efficient with every turn of the turbine.