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    Beat the heat. Reduce cooling costs.


    3M Trifecta Yellow/Light Orange mesh
    Beat the heat. Reduce cooling costs.

    Who knew you could soak up the sun and beat the heat at the same time?

    • Energy cost savings window films

      Nothing makes a home feel cheerier than lots of natural light. And study after study has shown that exposure to sunlight has real health benefits, both physically and emotionally.

      But as much as you love a bright, sunny home, you don’t love the extra cooling bills that come along with it. Because along with sunlight, your windows let in the sun’s heat. And that can have implications for your belongings as well, as furniture or carpeting can fade under the sun’s harsh rays.

      There’s no need to worry though. Not when you have 3M™ Window Films. They’re engineered to let in the light, but help block solar heat and UV rays, reducing your cooling costs by up to 30 percent. All while helping to protect your furniture from damaging UV rays.

      The one thing these films won’t do? Change the look of your home. They’re available in various shades, from clear to moderately tinted. So you can enjoy all the perks and still preserve the look of your home.

      That makes 3M Window Films an energy saving solution you don’t have to see to appreciate.