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    Safe. Productive. Efficient.


    Trifecta, Light Blue/Dark Blue Mesh
    Safe. Productive. Efficient.

    We understand the importance you place on the health and safety of your crew. Running a successful drilling operation requires full attention to the entire process. From site exploration to transportation to product processing.

    • Men working with drilling equipment

      To help ensure your crew and your equipment stay safe, productive and efficient, 3M delivers comprehensive safety solutions – so your crew and your equipment are protected upstream, midstream and downstream.

      Safety begins upstream during exploration and production process. Our advanced technologies come together to help provide peak operational efficiency, productivity and safety. From a comprehensive line of an active and passive hearing solutions to advanced ceramic rings that withstand erosional forces more effectively and extend asset life.

      During midstream processes, we are there to protect your crew and your equipment. We offer 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmets, with auto darkening lenses. And epoxy and urethane dual layer pipe coating systems that provide high impact resistance and flexibility on any terrain.

      And we see your operation through downstream. Our fire protection solutions provide superior refinery security and outstanding performance, protecting critical electrical circuitry, structural components and vessel skirts. So you rest easy knowing your crew and assets are protected.

      A successful operation requires protecting your crew and your equipment. With 3M, you can provide that – every step of the way.