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When the going gets tough, linemen are already there

Every project is unique. 3M has a team of utility professionals dedicated to helping understand your application requirements to help provide customized solutions specific to your needs.

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About the Life of a Lineman Series

When the power is off, we all feel it - power is essential. Electricity demand and reliance on our power grid is at an all-time high, and growing more strenuous and vital in its importance every day. Reliability in the distribution of that power is essential since outages can cause severe consequences to our way of life.

When the going gets tough, the lineman is already there. It’s time we meet the essential men and women behind one of the biggest dependencies we have in our world.

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Catch our latest Life of a Lineman videos that follow Delano Municipal Utilities through their tough jobs. These men and women are not only experienced but are eager to share it with you in the form of helpful tips, compelling stories, and their passion for the job and why they do it.


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