3M Energy Storage and Fuel Cell Solutions

  • From consumer electronics to electric vehicles to flow batteries for grid storage and backup power for telecommunications towers; 3M’s battery and fuel cell technologies help to efficiently and reliably store and deliver energy when and where it’s needed.


Energy Storage and Fuel Cell Applications

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    Today’s connected devices are smaller and more powerful than ever. These trends have spurred the need for batteries that are more powerful, smaller, safer and longer-lasting – attributes that are the hallmark of 3M’s lithium ion battery materials.

    Lithium Ion Battery Materials

  • Battery Electric Vehicles

    Battery Electric Vehicles

    Electric vehicles are here to stay and hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full electric automobiles all require advanced batteries with unique characteristics and 3M’s lithium ion battery materials enable more powerful, lighter, safer and longer-lasting batteries to power the future of transportation.

    Lithium Ion Battery Materials

    Flueoroelastomers and Thermoplastics for Fuel Cells

  • Grid Storage

    Grid Storage

    Energy storage is a key enabler for improved grid resiliency and the continued deployment of sustainable, renewable generation. 3M’s membrane electrode assemblies for flow batteries help to enable low-cost, long-life bulk energy storage solutions that the modern grid requires to delivery reliable energy year-after-year.

    Redox Flow Battery Components

    Flueoroelastomers and Thermoplastics for Fuel Cells

  • Material Handling

    Material Handling

    Distribution centers rely on efficient and productive handling of goods to ensure on-time delivery. Fuel cells are a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries eliminating the requirement to swap out batteries avoid issues with battery degradation and allow for the recovery of valuable warehouse space by eliminating the need for a battery room. Fuel cell units provide consistent and full power when needed to allow the lift truck to operate at peak speeds at all times, independent of how much fuel is left in the tank.

    PEM Fuel Cell Materials

    Flueoroelastomers and Thermoplastics for Fuel Cells

  • Telecom Backup Power

    Telecom Backup Power

    Our connected world enables real-time communications at the push of a button and telecommunications infrastructure needs to operate reliably in the face of increasing natural disasters and in locations where grid-supplied power is unreliable. 3M’s membrane electrode assemblies are enabling an affordable and efficient fuel cell alternative to traditional diesel genset while helping to eliminating the risk of diesel theft. Affordable and reliable backup power when and where it is needed.

    PEM Fuel Cell Materials

    Flueoroelastomers and Thermoplastics for Fuel Cells

  • Primary and Supplementary Power

    Primary and Supplementary Power

    Whether powering a datacenter, home or telecommunications tower, 3M’s proton exchange membrane electrode assemblies and advanced solid oxide fuel cell materials are helping ensure the delivery of efficient, reliable electrical power when and where it is needed.

    PEM Fuel Cell Materials

    Flueoroelastomers and Thermoplastics for Fuel Cells

    Ceramics for High Temperature SOFC

  • Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Fuel cell vehicles hold the promise of a sustainable transportation future without sacrificing range, refueling time or performance. 3M’s supported membrane, catalyst coated membranes and ionomer solutions are enabling better performance, lower cost and simplified drivetrain balance of plant.

    PEM Fuel Cell Materials

    Flueoroelastomers and Thermoplastics for Fuel Cells

Need Help Finding the Right Energy Storage and Fuel Cell Product?

3M’s technical service representatives are available to assist customers in using and applying 3M products in the most effective way possible. They assist with employee training, locating prices, consult regarding product efficiency, and respond to any issues in the application of 3M products.

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