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    Big data is getting hot. Keep it cool with 3M Science.


    A room full of data servers

    • In today’s supercomputing age, nothing is hotter than Big Data.

      But unfortunately, as the technology grows, the servers used to store the data are growing too. Growing hotter, that is. And the cost of cooling them has huge implications not just for data center energy bills, but for the environment, too.

      But 3M Science has a solution: 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids.

      Novec fluids are nonflammable, non-ozone depleting and have excellent heat transfer properties. Entire component racks can be submerged directly into these fluids, creating a cyclical cooling sequence.

      This innovative solution can:

      • Reduce cooling costs by up to 95% compared to traditional air cooling.
      • And because it allows components to be packed tighter together, even more data can be stored in one place.

      The future of data is here. And 3M Science is right there with it, keeping your data cool.