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    One layer changes everything


    brighter cell phone and display screens

    • As the digital revolution marches on, we're able to do more and more at once—watch TV, browse Twitter, and text our friends at the same time—by multitasking across several screens. The more we use screens, and the more we want them to be as bright and beautiful as possible, the more they consume power.

      In true 21st century style, we can address all of these needs at once with a solution that multitasks as well as we do, 3M™ Dual Brightness Enhancement Film. Our film uses reflection and refraction to polarize light, turning all light waves to vibrate in the same direction, like reorienting a messy deck of cards. The result of polarization is that waves ordinarily unusable by the liquid crystal display are converted into usable light that will shine through it.

      That doesn't just mean brighter, more vibrant images—it also means less energy spent to light them up. In fact, for applications like televisions and desktop displays, it can reduce energy use by as much as 30%.

      And that's just the beginning. Every day, we're looking for new ways to help science shine and brighten up our world.