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    See the science behind design.


    3M Trifecta Blue/Light Blue Mesh
    See the science behind design.

    Discover how science and design work together to attract customers. 3M™ Visual Attention Software helps you better understand and leverage subconscious vision, to help create business impact.

    • Visual Attention Software VAS

      Design helps the world go round in unexpected ways, every day. When designers do their job well, our world becomes easier to navigate and understand. And when it comes to business, smart design makes an impact on the bottom line by driving customers to engage with marketing messages that can help them make purchase decisions.

      Getting to smart design with an understanding of the science behind it. And our 3M™ Visual Attention Software (VAS) helps business owners to get the data-oriented answers and results-driven action they’re looking for. All in an easy-to-use web-based tool.

      By replicating a part of our visual system called "pre-attentive processing," VAS predicts what your customers will most likely notice before they’re aware of what they’re looking at. It uses complex algorithms backed up by 3M research to show designers what‘s likely to get noticed, and what won’t. It picks up on edges, color intensity, contrast—even faces, which we’re hard-coded to pay more attention to in our subconscious. VAS helps you refine and highlight the visual message you want to send to the world, to get to the heart of your consumer’s needs. Through neuroscience.