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    3M recognizes that electricians face new challenges every day. That’s why we make choosing products easy with guides that assist you with your applications. Whether you need help with recommendations on a tape to withstand harsh conditions or specialized products for a mining application, 3M does the work for you so that you can do the work that matters.

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Find Solutions by Electrical Installment

As an electrical contractor, your job is to keep the lights on no matter the difficulty. Our job is to make your job easier by providing the products and tools you need.

  • A little cold or a lot of heat- we provide the tools you want so you can get the performance you need.

  • Big projects mean big responsibility. Choose reliable products to help you carry the load.

  • You can’t afford downtime. Pick the products that won't quit on you.

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  • No maintenance job is quite the same and neither are the products. These guides help you to identify the right products for the job - so you can move on to the hard work of installation.

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    Mining Application Guide

    Mining is tough. Our products are tougher. This guide gives you a quick overview of the products used in specialized mining projects such as open pits. Download the Mining solutions (PDF, 1.43 MB) brochure if you have any additional questions after viewing the guide below.

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    Wind Application Guide

    Working to help power the world isn’t easy. Take the stress away from deciding which product to use with this quick overview of the products used in specialized wind projects.

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    Commercial and Industrial Application Guide

    Keeping up with the maintenance of a large building can be filled with surprises. Be prepared for the task with this quick overview of products used in specialized commercial and industrial projects.

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