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League of Professionals Fall Electrical Tape Promotion
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Welcome to the League of Professionals

From the tradesman to the lineman, you know what it takes to guard our electrical systems and prevent the enemies of the grid from shutting down our power. And everyday 3M™ and Scotch® Professional Electrical Tapes are here to give you the boost you need to supercharge your team.

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League of Professionals Distributor Prizes
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Look for ways to earn League of Professional Playing cards with Scotch® Tape trading cards and instant win prize cards inside.

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Meet the crew of Scotch® Professional Electrical Tapes

Heroes to power cables, enemies to cold, heat, moisture and time. Contact your local distributor to learn about ways to find collectible trading cards and learn more about the Scotch® crew of electrical tapes.

  • Scotch® Super 33+™ Tape

    A. Masters (aka Scotch® Super 33+™ Tape)

    Master electrician, A. Masters (aka Scotch® Super 33 ™ Tape), was born in Minnesota in 1946 and has been the “go-to” crew leader for generations of contractors. You know him for his loyalty, flexibility on the job and ability to conform to challenging conditions. And no matter the environment, hot or cold, he can be counted on to stick with you until the job gets done.

  • Scotch® Tape 35

    I.D. Marks (aka Scotch® Tape 35)

    When its important to know how your electrical systems are designed and where the current is flowing. I.D. Marks (aka Scotch® Tape 35), seasoned electrical contractor, is the professional to call. Her toughness and versatility have made her the clear choice for protection, phase marking and identification on those critical jobs.

  • Scotch® Tape Super 88

    M. Mills (aka Scotch® Tape Super 88)

    As tougher jobs and more extreme conditions grew more demanding, utility lineman M. Mills (aka Scotch® Tape Super 88) arrived on the electrical scene to tackle the jobs that required more thickness. His tough build and strength have led electricians to trust him and him alone for Maximum protection in highly abrasive, corrosive and extreme environments.

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Nominate a League of Professionals Crew Leader

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Crew Leader Awards
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  • 3M wants to recognize and celebrate the incredible feats of those in the electrical industry and invite them to join the League of Professionals where we honor the amazing work they do. Therefore, 3M is accepting nominations for individuals that have been a leader or inspiration in the electrical industry. This year’s “Crew Leaders” may be self-nominated, a nomination for a colleague, contractor, customer or someone else from your community.

    Nomination requirements include name and contact information of the individual being nominated and the nominator, as well as a written explanation of how the nominee exhibits a “Crew Leader” attitude on the job or in the community. Nominations should include specific examples of the Nominee’s accomplishments and clear demonstrations of any or all of the three qualities of leadership, dedication and service to your electrical industry and the impact of their accomplishments and cannot exceed 300 words.

    Optional: Entries may include a link to an article or a picture showing why the Nominee should receive the prize.

    Prize List:

    • Grand Prize: A $1,000 Visa Gift Card and a League of Professionals Gift Box: ARV: $1300.00.
    • First Prize: A $500.00 Visa Gift Card and a League of Professionals Gift Box: ARV: $800.00.
    • Second Prize: A $500.00 Visa Gift Card and a League of Professionals Gift Box: ARV: $800.00.

    Judging criteria:

    • Nominee’s accomplishments (20%)
    • How the Nominee has made an impact on others’ lives (20%)
    • How well the Nominee exhibits a “Crew Leader” attitude on the job or in the community with focus on leadership, dedication, and service in the electrical industry (50%)
    • A picture of the Nominee that can be used for commercial use (10%)

    Nominator may be required to help the sponsor contact the winning Nominees. Nominations must be submitted by October 31, 2019. For more, view our promotional flier (PDF, 124.07 KB)  and official rules (PDF, 158.55 KB).

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