About 3M Solid Microneedle Technology

  • Ensure that your portfolio also targets needle-phobic patients. Solid microneedle technology is poised to revolutionize the way highly potent proteins and vaccines are delivered—and received

Solid Microneedle Technology

Solid Microneedle Technology


Reduce – or Eliminate – Needle Phobia

  • Say no to needle phobia with this less-intimidating delivery system.
    Studies show that roughly 10% of the population avoids injectable drugs due to a fear of needles. Solid microneedle technology relies on tiny needles mounted on a wearable patch to deliver proteins vaccines or other solid formulations up to 300 mcg.
    By reducing anxiety associated with vaccinations or other injections, solid microneedle technology from 3M may help improve patient compliance and overall treatment outcome.

Vaccines - Cut Down on Cold Storage

  • When vaccines are administered with 3M solid microneedle technology, enhanced drug stability may eliminate cold chain storage requirements, extending savings to manufacturers and suppliers

Differentiate Your Product

  • From clinical trials to commercial production, put our experience to work for you.

    Partner with 3M to deliver your valuable vaccine or systemic formulation via a solid microneedle system that helps you stand out in today's competitive market. Trust 3M expertise backed up by scalable manufacturing capabilities for your preclinical or clinical study supplies:

    • In-house solid microneedle molding expertise and technology
    • GMP coating capabilities for your rigorous clinical study requirements
    • Semi-automated manufacturing process
    • Scalable solid microneedle array manufacturing and aseptic coating capacity up to 10,000 arrays per day


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