About 3M Dose-by-Dose Counter Technologies

  • Provide a dose-by-dose counter to differentiate your MDI product. Patients want to be in control of their condition and their medication, and integrated dose counters help patients track their remaining doses while keeping the technology in their familiar metered dose inhaler device.

    3M™ Integrated Dose by Dose Counter has a clear display and is easy to understand for a wide range of users, from children to the elderly. Plus, the counter design helps eliminate under-counting and avoid over-counting, to ensure an accurate dose count.

Dose-by-Dose COunter

Dose-by-Dose Counter Technologies

Put more than 50 years of proven inhalation success to work for you

  • Get the fully-compliant speed-to-market that's critical to the success of your new application. Designed to meet the requirements of patients, pharmaceutical companies and regulators alike, the Dose by Dose Counter is fully commercialized and FDA-approved in conjunction with an MDI product. Plus, it's backed by more than 50 years of proven success in inhalation technology, product development and manufacturing.

    • Use a drug delivery system compatible with a wide range of metered-dose inhalers that can be customized to fit the needs of your product
    • Employ inhalation contract manufacturing with capacity to meet your needs from pilot to commercial scale
    • Access a secure, reliable supply chain
    • Ensure compatibility with a wide range of inhalation components
    • Enjoy unsurpassed support during each step of the incorporation process, including regulatory reports and guidance

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