About 3M Inhalation Components Technologies

  • It is important for any development program to be able to access reliable, high quality components and expert advice to optimize the product. Once approved, it is then essential to be able to scale up and commercialize manufacturing. Take advantage of more than 50 years of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing components for inhalation drug delivery systems by partnering with a company that understands the MDI from the inside out, and work with a single source while our vertically-integrated supply chain ensures a continuous commercial supply can be met. Make the only supplier that manufactures both valves and canisters work for you, optimizing these components throughout the product development process to help guarantee a successful fit into your program.

Inhalation Components

Inhalation Component Technologies

  • Inhalation Canisters

    Canisters for Inhalation Components

    Each customizable type is compatible with the other components in a metered dose inhaler:

    • Coated canisters
    • Sleeved canisters
    • Deep-drawn aluminium

  • Coatings

    Coatings for Inhalation Components

    Reduce drug deposition and improve chemical and physical stability with Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP). Improve formulation stability, protect product performance, and help extend a product's shelf life with 3M coatings applied to both canister and valve components.

  • Sleeved Canisters

    Sleeved Canisters for Inhalation Components

    Protect your product from costly actuator redesigns when expanding your portfolio by maintaining a common look and feel.

    Sleeved cans are perfect for low-volume products or sample batches where it is important to maintain a common look and feel with higher volume products.

  • Valves

    Valves for Inhalation Components

    Maintain control and improve efficiency throughout the process to help ensure a seamless fit with integrated component manufacturing with valve assembly on-site.

    Precise performance3M valves provide proven dose consistency and reliability. In addition, their robust construction delivers superior market performance. Our valves are available for both pressure filling and cold filling manufacturing.

Manufacturing for Inhalation Components: Putting It All Together

  • Allow all of the components of your inhalation product to work harmoniously using a simplified supply chain. With vertical integration from canister, valve and dose counter production to final product manufacturing, take advantage of our expertise in advanced metal component manufacturing.

    • Make use of our long-term experience in componentry manufacturing
    • Differentiate your product with valves, canisters, dose counters and actuators
    • Receive full technical support from 3M: many components are available as a part of a complete systems program or as a standalone component


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