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  • The world of innovation never rests, which means neither do we.

    • Mark Tomai

      The world of innovation never rests, which means neither do we. At 3M Drug Delivery Systems, one of the many ways in which we drive innovation is by constantly gathering information from as many places as possible.

      Recently, Dr. Mark Tomai, head of TLR* and MTS* Business Development, attended the Drug Delivery Partnerships (DDP) conference in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He met with professionals from across the Drug Delivery spectrum, from scientists in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry to representatives of digital health companies.

      Tomai says the DDP conference offered further proof of how rapidly the world of healthcare is changing. “It is amazing how quickly the industry is moving and how quickly digital health is being embraced by the industry,” Tomai says. “Digital health is going to be a key driver in the near future for diagnosis and treatment of disease.”

      “It is not only an exciting time for the industry, it is a promising time for all of us. Digital health will not only benefit the patient, but the information gathered will better assist the health care providers and payers define better options for treatment,” Tomai says.

      When it comes to digital health innovation, 3M Drug Delivery Systems is on the cutting edge. The 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler, for instance, will link to a patient’s mobile device to set reminders, review usage, order refills automatically and send data to healthcare providers to better direct patient care. For a world of patients now connected to their smart phones, the smart inhaler is the next big step in providing consistent delivery of asthma and COPD medications. It is a step that will undoubtedly improve their overall health and likely save even more lives.

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