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  • Profile: Chrissy Bell

    • The experts at 3M Drug Delivery Systems are the driving force behind 3M’s proud record of successful innovation. They work tirelessly to meet the needs of 3M’s partners, and we want to give you the opportunity to get to know them. Please meet Chrissy Bell, Global Connected Health Initiative Leader for 3M DDSD.

    • Q: What do you do at 3M DDS?

      A: I lead our pipeline strategy for Connected Health as well as establish and execute priorities for the business. This role is particularly exciting, as I get to work on next generation products and help drive the future of our division. I also lead an amazing cross-functional team that has mastered working through ambiguity.

    • Q: Where/how did you get your start?

      A: I started my career in digital marketing, in which I was fascinated by how new technologies could change the way we interact with information. Nevertheless, I wanted to have more influence on business strategy, and therefore went back to school to get my MBA. While interviewing at 3M, I toured the Innovation Center and was blown away by the breadth of technology all within one company. I couldn’t wait to become part of the innovation. I started at 3M working in corporate strategy, understanding the path forward for the company and working with our leadership to set priorities for the five-year corporate strategic plan. The amount of opportunity for the company truly excited me. I then moved into Health Care and lead strategy for DDSD, before taking responsibility for the division’s Connected Health Initiatives.

    • Q: What got you interested in this field?

      A: I’ve always had an interest in the cross-section of new technology and how that can have a positive impact on people. Health care is a sector ripe for innovation from new technologies and new business models. The work we are doing within this sphere truly focuses on unmet needs. I love that in DDSD we are focused on improving health care outcomes and reducing overall health care costs. Every day, I get to live out the company’s vision of ‘3M innovation improving every life.’

    • Q: What is something that still fascinates you about your work?

      A: The brilliant people that we have working at 3M. Whenever there is a problem to be solved, you have access to some of the most brilliant minds just by working at 3M. There is no problem too great for a group of 3Mers to solve. Every day I am impressed by my coworkers, who come into the office to collaborate, work hard, and push themselves in order to meet any given challenge.

    • Q: What do you like to do for fun, when you're not at work?

      A: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as giving back to my community. I am a Big Brother Big Sister volunteer and always have a wonderful time hanging out with my Little. Moreover, I love to travel and experience new cultures. Over the past year, I made it to Iceland and Cuba, and am looking forward to planning my next adventure.