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Display Films Overview

  • 3M display films have played a huge part in transforming displays from the dim, power-hungry displays of the 1990s to the dazzling, colorful, energy-efficient displays of today. Each of our films are great at performing specific functions, such as recycling light inside a display. But put our films together, and the interaction produces amazing results: Brighter displays. Larger color gamuts. Thinner and lighter devices. Longer battery life. Explore what our display films can bring to your applications, and make your brilliant ideas come to light..

Display Films Featured Products

  • An image of 3M™ Reflective Polarizer films on a colored background.

    3M™ Reflective Polarizer Films: Dual Brightness Enhancement Films, Advanced Polarizer Film (3M DBEF / 3M APF)

    Reflective Polarizers recycle and recover light that is normally absorbed by the panel to increase the amount of light transmitted to the viewer by 30%–40%.

    3M™ Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (3M DBEF) and 3M™ Advanced Polarizer Film (3M APF) are reflective polarizers. 3M APF is applied directly to the panel, providing a thin and environmentally stable solution.

  • An image of 3M™ Multifunctional films on a colored background.

    3M™ Multifunctional Films: Brightness Enhancement Film Reflective Polarizer (3M BEFRP)

    Sometimes, a display design calls for one film to perform multiple jobs. For example: 3M™ Brightness Enhancement Film with Reflective Polarizer (3M BEFRP) combines the functions of a prism film and a reflective polarizer film into a single high-performance backlight film.

    3M BEFRP, usually paired with a bottom 3M BEF, enables reflective polarizers to be used in the backlight as an alternative to on-panel 3M APF.

  • An image of 3M™ Brightness Enhancement films on a colored background.

    3M™ Brightness Enhancement Films, 3M™ Thin Brightness Enhancement Films, 3M™ Advanced Structured Optical Composite (3M BEF / 3M TBEF / 3M ASOC)

    These prism films recycle and redirect light to manage the angular output from the backlight, increasing forward brightness. A variety of prism and matte combinations are available to mitigate moiré, mura, sparkle, and other artifacts, providing crisp, bright, and uniform displays. Durable products provide the brightest durable solution, with better ball drop performance and improved defect hiding.

    3M™ Advanced Structured Optical Composite (3M ASOC) is an integrated dual-prism film stack designed to increase on-axis brightness of the backlight, improve the appearance, and enable the thinnest backlight solution for the display.

  • An image of 3M™ Ultra Diffuser Film on a colored background.

    3M™ Ultra Diffuser Film (3M UDF)

    3M Ultra Diffuser Film (UDF) is a beadless bottom diffuser film that offers decreased damage to the light guide, and eliminates debris from the beads.

  • An image of high performing 3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector film.

    3M™ Reflector Films: Enhanced Specular Reflector (3M ESR)

    3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector (3M ESR) is a high-performance, non-metallic, color-neutral reflector which works synergistically with prisms and reflective polarizers to optimize light recycling in the backlight. 3M ESR will increase brightness by 10% or more versus a silver reflector.

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