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A fast, easy, reliable way to monitor microorganisms that cause MIC in an optimized anaerobic environment with a small footprint.

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3M™ Rapid Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) Detection Pouch

  • SRB Detection Pouch

    Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) found in oilfield water systems can be a serious threat to oil productivity and profits. If left unmonitored and undetected, these microorganisms create hazardous hydrogen sulfide and can cause serious damage to infrastructure through microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). Bacterial corrosion can cause structural failures and foul or plug pipes, pumps and other equipment. SRBs can also sour an oil reservoir, requiring expensive remediation.

    Conventional SRB testing methods can take weeks to deliver results – giving SRBs more time to multiply and cause damage such as biocorrosion. The 3M™ Rapid SRB Detection Pouch is a standalone culturing method designed to make field testing easy, accurate and – best of all – fast. Testing has shown our detection pouch can provide results in significantly less time than conventional methods like serial dilution bottles. Light and compact, the bacteria test kit is so small, 200 tests fit easily in a backpack for portability in the field or offshore.

    With the Rapid SRB Detection Pouch, you will experience:

    • Quantitative results in one to two days
    • Optimized anaerobic environment for good SRB recovery
    • Test inoculation takes seconds, direct from sample
    • Small size, saves you space and minimizes waste
    • No glass or needles for a safe and simple test process
    • One product for samples of any total dissolved solids (TDS) level

6 Advantages of the Rapid SRB Detection Pouch

Train field personnel remotely in minutes to use 3M’s quick SRB test. Avoid headaches like traveling to a field trial only to find your SRB vials were the wrong TDS level. Forget about waiting 28 days for bug bottle results.

 A chart explaining 6 advantages of why the 3M Rapid SRB Detection Pouch is advantageous over the common serial dilution bottle method.

How the SRB Detection Pouch Works

Obtaining high-quality sulphate reducing bacteria test results is a priority for your field personnel. Diagnose biocorrosion in your pipelines reliably and easily with the Rapid SRB Detection Pouch.

  • Image of a person wearing gloves using a pipette drawing a sample from a test tube
    Sample Preparation
    • No salinity matching
    • No dilution needed
    • No glass or needles
  • Image of a person wearing gloves inoculating a test with a pipette
    • Take seconds
    • Only 1 pouch per test (no dilutions)
    • Small size, minimal waste
  • Image of a 3M Rapid SRB Detection Pouch standing in a test tube drying rack sitting near an incubator
    • Results in 1 or 2 days
    • Incubate per NACE TM0194-2014
  • Image of a 3M Rapid SRB Detection Pouch in an interpretation card
    • Quantitative results
    • Easy interpretation card included in every box

Frequently Asked Questions throughout the testing process

Test Process

Test Results

Test Capability

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Check your Knowledge

Are you ready for success? Test your knowledge here! The following knowledge check will test your comprehension of performing an SRB test with the 3M™ Rapid SRB Detection Pouch. Several questions reference the Quick Guide and Interpretation Card available online and in the product package. Upon successful completion, you can download and print a certificate.


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