Man sitting at computer working on a CAD file, preparing to submit an order.

Ordering Process: 3D Printed PTFE Parts

  • Placing and Order

    While this proprietary 3D printing technology for PTFE is not yet fully commercialized, 3M is accepting orders and manufacturing custom parts at our facility. If you have a CAD file or part idea you’d like to discuss, please follow the steps below to make sure it is a good fit for 3D printed PTFE, and then contact us directly to explore next steps.

  • Before you start

    Before submitting your file, please start by ensuring your design is ready:

    1. Take the Tech Check: See whether your part is a good candidate for additive manufacturing.
    2. Review the Design Guidelines (PDF, 217.10 KB): Make ensure your design is compatible with our current processing parameters.
    3. Contact a 3M Technical Expert: Get information about design evaluation and trial part orders; please note that we do not offer raw material samples. You will be asked to provide your global location, the end application for your part, and other information required to ensure compliance with applicable trade and export control regulations. Please also advise us if you require a CDA.
  • Submitting your CAD file

    Please contact us directly to learn more about next steps for your CAD file submission.

Want to learn more?

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Ready to get started?

Take our Tech Check and download the Design Guidelines (PDF, 217.10 KB) to make sure your part is a good candidate for 3D printing.

If you’re ready to get started, or if you have any questions, please reach out to a 3M expert.