• Polyether Impression Materials
  • VPS and Alginate Alternative Impression Materials

Dental Impressions

  • Choose 3M when you need accurate dental impressions. With a full line of materials, we have what you need for dental impressions. To help minimize remakes and increasing dental impression costs, we also offer helpful tools to dispense and mix material. From an automix machine for void-free material to tiny intra-oral syringes to capture marginal detail, our tools and materials help you achieve accurate dental impressions.

Dental Impressions
Make a great first impression

Fast, precise impressioning tools and materials for everyday and complex indications.

Selecting Your Dental Impression Material

  • For your crown and bridge impressions, 3M offers accurate impression materials to fit your dental impression technique. So whether you’re doing a multiple-unit implant with an open tray impression or a traditional crown impression with heavy body/light body impression material, 3M has an impression material that will work for you.

  • VPS Alginate Alternative Impression Materials
    Polyether Impression Materials

    3M introduced polyether impression material in 1965. With better initial hydrophilicity than VPS, polyether impression materials enable excellent dental reproduction in a wet environment. Designed for outstanding flow over a long working time, polyether materials are ideal for complex cases including multiple-unit implants and restorations. While the “original" polyether material is used with the monophase technique, polyether materials are now available in multiple viscosities for either monophase or one-step techniques.

  • Polyether Impression Materials
    VPS and Alginate Alternative Impression Materials

    VPS impressions are made with vinyl polysiloxane impression material and are widely used by dental professionals. The material is intrinsically hydrophobic; to increase hydrophilicity, soap-like molecules called surfactants are added. VPS materials are also sometimes called PVS impression material or polyvinyl siloxane impression material. Available in multiple viscosities for precision impressions, VPS materials are also available as an alginate alternative for the preliminary impression. Compared to alginate, VPS materials offer dimensional stability and convenient automix formulas.

Troubleshooting Dental Impressions

Dental Impressions Troubleshooting Guide

Want better impressions? Even the most experienced clinician can encounter clinical challenges with the dental impression procedure. Our impression troubleshooting guide gives you the information you need make accurate impressions every time.


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